23 September, 2019

Stars that adorn the sky

I was pleasantly surprised today to open my newspaper (yes, I still get a paper one) and find a two-page spread on issues around baby loss, from pregnancy loss through to the death of an infant or child. In particular, it talked about the emotional difficulties and the practical support available (with examples of when this doesn't always work), with real life examples. You can find the article here, though you might wish to read with caution.

The article was written to mark the launch of a new government website providing information for those suffering pregnancy loss such as miscarriage, still birth, fetal abnormality, neonatal death, and infant or child loss. I could have used that back when I had my ectopic pregnancies, and I am delighted to see it existing now. It will be a resource for those suffering, for friends and family, and for employers. This was badly needed, and is an excellent resource.

I’m happy too to see that it received coverage in a major newspaper, although it was harder to find on the newspaper’s website. Baby loss is so common, yet so rarely discussed, that any publicity like this is a step in the right direction.

The name of the website is Whetūrangitia - a Maori word that refers to a person dying as a star returning to the sky to join their ancestors. Our lost children as stars in the sky is a beautiful image, and one that I hope gives comfort to the users of the site.


  1. I love that. Stars that adorn the sky. I haven't read the article yet but i will like to. thank you for sharing.

  2. What a beautiful image, stars that adorn the sky. I'm glad that resource is available now, and I hope it brings people comfort who desperately need it.

  3. I am so glad that this resource is out there. There is so little available, it’s really surprising. And I agree with Jess, that image is so beautiful.