02 November, 2020

Hitting the Road

This week we (my husband and I) are doing something fabulous, simply because we don’t have children. We waited till last Tuesday, as Monday was a public holiday, Labour Day, the last one before Christmas, and a time when a lot of people like to travel, because it is also a time when spring has generally arrived in most locations, and temperatures in some locations get positively summery. Not to mention that it was the first long weekend since Auckland went into a brief lockdown in August, and people were keen to travel. So Labour Weekend is always a busy time on the roads, and best to be avoided. But on Tuesday, when everyone was back to work and back at school and university exams are in full force, we set off on a road trip, one we had been planning to do for the last year, but life and death and COVID intervened.

My favourite road trip in New Zealand is around the South Island. I wrote about it here. But this one is exploring roads less travelled by us at least, as we have headed in the opposite direction. And although the north is much more populous than the south, we're taking advantage of the absence of both international tourists, and domestic tourists who will spread out and take over the roads in late December until early February. Especially this year, when no-one is making those overseas trips!

We would not be doing this if we had children, as they would still be school age. Though many of my friends are now also free and easy (well, except for the fact they’re still lucky enough to still be earning salaries) as their children have left home, reminding me and all of you that this isolation doesn’t last forever. Having children who have left home is not the same as having no children at all. But it does make socialising with friends easier, and it does mean that their day-to-day worlds no longer revolve around their children in the same way. It does get easier. And in the meantime, we hit the road!


  1. How exciting! Definitely a reason to celebrate the perks of not having children, and am upside of the pandemic. Take those upsides where you can get them! Also, very much appreciate the difference between empty nest and no nest (?) but glad it becomes another upside later.

  2. I remember that phase when it is hard to get company to go out at night or to travel because everyone else has small kids. I still travel solo a lot because I enjoy it but now, apart from having found other childless/child free people, the kids are grown up and these friends are more available.

  3. I hope you're enjoying your trip! :) I've had lots of heavily discounted offers from various resorts, etc., filling my email inbox, but we're not comfortable with doing any travelling (even by car) while COVID-19 rates are still so high. But once we're finally past this pandemic, we will DEFINITELY be making up for some lost travel time, I think!!

  4. Sounds like excellent conditions for travel. Lovely spots, low crowds, eager-to-serve businesses. I hope to hear more about this! #jelly

  5. As is appropriate would really love to see photos from your trip. Farthest I go these days is a rare grocery store event. NZ has done terrifically. CONGRATULATIONS on enjoying your beautiful country.

    1. I'll put up photos on A Separate Life next week probably.