19 April, 2021

Gratitude for the little things

I write a lot about how appreciating the little things enabled me to see that life was going to be okay, and to remember that there is joy even during the first throes of grief. The last few days I've been feeling a bit weepy, and I'm not sure why. It might be because the focus of our lives over the last few years is now over, as of Wednesday last week when the in-law's house officially left the family, and I don't know what to do with the relief. I don't know. I know it will pass. But it's a good time to remember the good things about life that are often so little. It helps with resilience, and sometimes I need that. I thought I'd share some of mine from the last day or so.

  • I baked bread for lunch, and that first crusty slice, slathered with avocado and topped with ripe tomato slices, had me groaning in ecstasy. A simple lunch, but it was soooo good.
  • I've been listening to the news today, with the first non-quarantine flights between Australia and New Zealand for a year arriving today, as our joint "travel bubble" opened today. So much joyful family reunification brought a tear (or two) to my eyes too.
  • The sun shining through the yellowing oak tree leaves this morning made the whole tree glow. Not a bad sight to see as I ate breakfast, I think?
  • A beautiful autumn walk along the foreshore last evening with my husband. I enjoyed the exercise, the sea was calm and blue, dozens of people (and dogs) were enjoying the beach, and the low light was just beautiful.
  • I wrote my #Microblog Monday post for A Separate Life yesterday, hitting Schedule 24 hours early. A very satisfying feeling. I should do it more often! lol
  • I learned a new knitting stitch last night, and I enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment as it worked perfectly.
  • Reading some lovely heart-warming posts yesterday and today from fellow bloggers Klara, Jess, and Infertile Phoenix.

And now, for something unrelated but necessary:

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  1. Oh wow... We are in some sort of cosmic wavelength. I have also been weepy lately and need reminders of simple beauty. Your moments of gratitude filled my joy bucket even more. I'm glad you had these happinesses! And it makes me happy to think even though we're at opposite seasons, we have the same low light.

  2. So many of your "little things" sound so beautiful! And that first bullet point... I could go for a slice of crusty bread with avocado and sliced tomato. That sounds delicious!

    Thank you for the mention. You put me in good company. <3 I also found Klara's post about the colored pencils and Jess's post about reframing rainbows to be especially good.

    I don't care if it sounds silly, but I just really love gratitude. It really is all about the little things, isn't it?

  3. SOmeone wrote that the way people are feeling is languishing. Lovely word which may, or not, apply. I think it often happens when a major time consuming event or project finishes as we pause, breath, and await what will come next .... and often it is something unexpected. Hope your next is filling and comes with laughter.
    Thank you always for writing.

  4. I adore this, noticing things to be grateful for, no matter the magnitude. It really is a helpful practice for finding contentment.

    Your autumn walk sounds wonderful. And I love the knitting part, too.

  5. It IS the little things that matter most! :) Your description of the freshly baked bread had me drooling!!

  6. I find myself using the word "grateful" more, and it does actually help bring my attention to the small things. I think I've become more grateful for the small things over this past year, too, knowing how much can be taken form us.