28 June, 2021

Change over time

For ten years, I’ve maintained a Word document with backups of all posts (Mel would be proud of me) I’ve written, and all the drafts of posts unfinished or unpublished because I was too scared, or in two minds about. It’s a pretty large document now – 455 pages! I decided to try to organise the unwritten drafts into topics, and spent the weekend doing that. The time might have been better spent cleaning out the room in which I write my blogs, but maybe I’ll aim at next weekend for that!  

What I found interesting was that I also deleted a number of posts I’d drafted in the past. They now don’t seem like things I would post here. So even though I started this blog some years into my No Kidding life, some years after I’d been trying to conceive, I obviously felt like getting some things off my chest then, that I don’t feel are appropriate now. Or at least, they don’t fit with who I am, and what I try to write about now. When I do write about slights against me or see discrimination against the No Kidding, it will be relevant to how I am feeling at the time. But I’m not going to go back and revisit these issues without a specific prompt. Even (I promise) when I’m getting desperate for a new blog topic!

I guess I’m saying that this blog has developed, and has grown up a little. I was a little surprised to find that, as I wasn’t really aware of it. It has made me happy to find that the blog has development into something a little bigger than my own gripes. Because what I really want to do is talk about topics that still affect me and require my attention, or topics that I think or hope will help others who are following me into a No Kidding life.

Not that this post will do that. It’s a musing on change and growth, which comes to us all. It’s perhaps a reminder too that reflection can be valuable, shining a light on how far we’ve come. Last, but not least, it’s a reminder of the benefits of tidying up!





  1. "It’s a musing on change and growth, which comes to us all. It’s perhaps a reminder too that reflection can be valuable, shining a light on how far we’ve come." yes, yes, yes! Thank you for being that shining light, and showing that the occasional gripe is normal. 💜

  2. As I'm reading old posts to put labels to them, I often think: I would never write that now. I'm glad I wrote it then because I could not accurately capture those feelings now. Thankfully. I'm glad for change over time.

    I'm glad you're still writing about experiences and things that we all have in common with our no kidding lives. I think our lives have their own unique nuances and I appreciate your thoughts and perspective. Thank you for continuing to write as your blog changes.

    I love the picture with its quote!

  3. I am proud of you—not just for the backups. :-) I think the day-to-day changes are so subtle that it's the big look backs that show the enormity of the change.

  4. "this blog has developed, and has grown up a little" -- I find this, too, when I look through old posts! It's because we ourselves have.

    Wonderful insights.

  5. I have added some new labels here and there over time, and it's interesting to revisit old posts and see what I was writing about x number of years ago. In the beginning, I covered a lot of the common questions/topics about childless living; I did exhaustive retellings of my pregnancy loss and infertility treatment stories. These days I continue to pass along interesting & relevant links I come across, but I find I'm writing more about "living" generally and less about the angst of being childless. I suppose it's part of aging, time and acceptance. (Although I don't think my blog will ever be completely angst-free! lol)