01 February, 2022

Support Networks (again)

As you know, I posted about this last week, particularly but not only in relation to the pandemic, and was grateful for everyone’s comments. I was pleased to see that there was nothing major I had forgotten about, though I didn’t have everything everyone suggested. We’ve been wearing masks since August, and our government made a list of helpful things to have at home to be prepared, and there was a lot of similarity between their list, and your suggestions! Thanks!

Elaine mentioned joining a choir, to try and extend her own support network. I’m going to look for another bookclub, I think, and maybe a photography group. I’ve been talking about it for ages. I need to just do it!

The post itself, and all your responses, made me realise too that I do have an extra support network – my readers and fellow bloggers online. I may not be able to pop over and help you when you’re sick, or vice versa, but we are all definitely here for each other, and I’m very grateful for that.


  1. Love this. I may not be able to bring you a casserole, but I can visit with you :-)

  2. Yes! You have us. <3

    Never underestimate the ability of an online community to get things done when a community member needs help. I've seen amazing things happen in other online communities. I know I can count on everyone here and I hope everyone knows they can count on me.

    I like your book club and photography group ideas! I joined a quilt guild last year but didn't go to the last couple of meetings due to covid numbers being really high. But I just read the latest newsletter and everyone was masked in the pictures at last month's meeting, so I am determined to go this month! I really need to make some friends in real life now that I've lived here in my new area for a year and a half. (Damn pandemic...)

  3. I really enjoyed my library's book club for the year that I went, before it got shut down by covid. I didn't make any real friendships there, but I was getting to know people by name and a little of their personal stories, and it was just nice to get out of the house for a while and talk books with people. :) I've found some great online book clubs that have helped to fill that gap and provide some bookish conversation, but if & when they start in-person meetings again, once we're done with covid, I'll be back!

    Online friends (like you!) have certainly made this pandemic a whole lot easier to endure! :)

  4. Attempting again using Google Chrome (yes, unable to post once again from Safari/iMac)!
    I admit, my book club is a gin club for me as nobody reads my genre of book (sci-fi and fantasy with the odd dystopian novel thrown in). So I listen to them speaking about the book, sip gin, offer gin around followed by nibbles, sip more gin and just create mischief :)

  5. Oh good! I'm so bummed I couldn't even send a holiday card to you this year. I'm also sorry it took so long to respond, things have been insanity here, but I'm thinking of you and hoping you are okay!