08 February, 2022

When we're the only ones to remember

Oops. I forgot Microblog Mondays. It was a public holiday yesterday, and we'd delayed some Sunday things till yesterday, so the whole day had a very Sunday vibe. That's my excuse, and I'm going to repeat this on A Separate Life today too! Fortunately, it is still Monday in Mel-of-Microblog-Monday-land, and so I can post on Tuesdays here and get away with it.

We celebrated a wedding anniversary (not a big one) on Friday. My mother and D's mother used to remember, but they're both gone now, so it was only the two of us who remembered. If I had kids, they might have remembered. I always remembered my parents anniversary, and in later years we remembered my in-laws' anniversary too - they all made it to 50 years! My bridesmaid (younger sister) and the best man never remember. Sigh. Don't they have Google Calendar? lol Anyway, as it has been our entire married life, we celebrated together, and we went out for a lovely meal at a favourite, fancy restaurant. But when I thought about it, it felt just a little lonely, you know? And I wasn't in the mood to seek attention by posting on social media. (And this post isn't intended to do that either.) Yes, I love that we celebrate our love and our life together. But sometimes, I think it would be nice if someone else noticed. Not having kids makes it just that little bit lonelier.

However, I know how lucky I am to have D in my life. And to have a partner who likes going out and dressing up a bit (okay, he doesn't really like that but he does it!) and ordering champagne at the very cool bar at the restaurant. I'm not complaining about that!


  1. I love celebrating anniversaries! My parents are a bit funny that way, they celebrate whenever it is Friday 23rd. (no matter what month) for their engagement and they celebrate their wedding date. I guess for DP and me it is a bit different since we are not married. But that didn't stop us from throwing a big party when we were 12,5 years not married. Other than that we keep it private. Also because 'our date' happens to be the birthday of my late FIL.
    Yay for champagne if you're into that and congratulations on yet another year!

  2. Glad you two celebrated. I believe in celebrations ... any and every time possible. And I am glad the two of you are together and appreciating each other! It is special and important.

  3. Well even though you didn't ask for it, I am wishing you a belated non-big anniversary.

    I can understand how that would feel lonely, to not have generations around you to remember, and when people in your generation don't remember. I get how you would feel both a little sad and a lot grateful.

    So wonderful that D will dress up for the occasion.

    Cheers to you both!

  4. Happy happy anniversary! It sounds lovely. I'm sorry there was the pain of not having someone remember to wish you happy anniversary unprompted. 💜