20 June, 2022

Some New Year reflections

This week is Matariki, the Maori New Year. I've written about it here on A Separate Life. The celebration includes reflection on three main issues:

  1. Remembrance
  2. Gratitude, and
  3. the Future

All three seemed very appropriate for us here at No Kidding in NZ. Remembrance means we think about those we have lost, but think about them with love. That was the theme of my post last week, and is something I'm comfortable doing, without making it too painful. It means thinking about our ancestors, where we came from, how far we've come. And it means reconnecting with home and whanau (family and friends).

Gratitude means thinking about the present, and celebrating what we have. Again, that's the focus of my No Kidding blog, and No Kidding life. I can't imagine what my life might have been like, because it is pointless, and dishonours what I have now. Celebrating the present means appreciating the big things - my life, my health, my husband, the country where I live, the freedom of my life without children, the personal growth and change as a result. And it means appreciating the little things, like spontaneity, travelling outside school holidays (although as a new empty-nester pointed out to me in the weekend, that comes to all parents in the end!), late nights and later mornings in bed, a community of like-minded people/friends all over the world, people who understand my situation and provide support when I need it, and so much more. Gratitude means remembering that I have all this good in my life. Including you.

Finally, the Future means recognising that I have a future, one that is good. It means planning for the future, and it is suggested that we write down our wishes for the next year. I've only just begun reflecting about the coming year, but just as I like the idea of doing this on 1 January, I also like the idea of doing this now, half-way through the calendar year, in the depths of winter. So I hope that it will be a process over the next few weeks. But right now, I can say that my wishes for the next year include: 

  • improvements in health (I have an arm issue that I've had all year that I need to deal with)
  • some serious travel planning if not active travel yet
  • a tidier house and some serious home maintenance
  • Wills rewritten
  • continued reflection on this blog and in other writings, and
  • some new skills.

I might be able to be more specific in a few weeks. But in the meantime, the reflection is useful. And I think that when we don't have children, our plans and wishes can be a little more proactive, deliberate. We're not always at the mercy of the needs and wants of dependents, and reflection and planning can be one of the gifts of our No Kidding lives. What are your plans for the future?

Manawatia a Matariki / Happy Matariki!


1 comment:

  1. I love your middle paragraph! "I can't imagine what my life might have been like, because it is pointless, and dishonours what I have now."

    As for my plans for the future, we share some similarities. I hope to get several major home repairs done this summer. (Well, *I* am not going to do them haha. Fortunately, I found a guy that is skilled and experienced and will do them for me.) That will lead to a tidier house because I will get to unpack and find places for everything instead of living amongst boxes. But, hey, I'm thankful. I have a home. I'm not trying to get somewhere anymore. I am here.

    I also want to keep writing, studying, and sewing. :)

    Happy Matariki!