12 September, 2022

World Childless Week: Let's get loud this September

This week is World Childless Week. I'm going to post a couple of pieces I've written later this week, to match with the WCW topics. So I will keep this short today, just suggesting that you check out the World Childless Week activities, the webinars, and the pieces that so many of us contribute to the topics of the week. I summarised them here for you in a previous post.

As the tagline says, we are here for you through the year, but we get louder in September. We're childless, but not invisible. We're valuable and worthy. We contribute a lot to society, and deserve to be accepted for that. It's time to get loud and be seen and heard! We might be childLESS, but we are not less as humans. Instead, in the face of adversity, I think we are MORE. I'm proud to walk this path with you all.


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