22 August, 2022

Looking forward to World Childless Week 2022

Just a note to remind everyone that World Childless Week 2022 is coming up next month, and the final date for submissions is 28 August. Last year I wrote some pieces at the very last minute, so this year I thought it was worth reminding you a little earlier, in case you want to submit a relevant piece of writing or art. 

I'm not sure whether I'll write anything new this year. Over the last eleven years of blogging, I've covered most of these topics, sometimes frequently, perhaps even ad nauseum! Last year (here), I linked to previous writings, and this year, rather than repeat myself, I'm simply going to list the topics and add any of my posts that I've written in the last year. I hope one or both might inspire you.

World Childless Week 2022 Topic:

Our Stories - As I said last year, this whole blog is my No Kidding story. Last year I wrote a piece - My Story Grows with Me -  when I said "It is not all of my story, but it will always be part of it." I'm not sure there's much more to say.

Childlessness and Single - Not something I have experienced myself, but I look forward to a lively discussion for a group that has been forgotten too often.

A Letter to my Younger Self - This is the piece that might inspire me to write something new. This whole blog, again, is really what I wished I had known twenty years ago when I was going through infertility and loss, and beginning to face the possibility of a future without children. But I think I'm curious to know what I wish I could have told myself back then. Succintly! lol

Childlessness in the Workplace - Again, this isn't really something I've talked about or addressed, as I left full-time work (and became self-employed) in the midst of my family-building efforts. I've never really been disadvantaged because I didn't have children, as I was working in male-dominated industries. I've faced discrimination because I was a woman, and because I wasn't a subject specialist (engineer, or education), but not really because I didn't have children. At least, that is the way I've chosen to look at it. I will be fascinated to see other people's contributions. And maybe I should write about my own experience as well.

It's all in God's Plan - This topic is about religious comments that might affect you. But also, I think it is also about the non-religious version of this, which is "It wasn't meant to be." That statement has always bugged me. (Living in NZ, I've never heard "It's all in God's Plan" directly.) I've written about it elsewhere, but watch this space, because I might cover it again too!

We are Worthy – Like last year, I'm also not sure I have anything new to add on this topic, other than noting that it is always worth remembering that we do not have to have children to be worthy members of society. We are always worthy!

Moving Forwards – Once again, I'll note that this topic is the theme for this entire blog, and its lifespan of almost 12 years now.The piece I wrote last year for Our Stories, which was chosen as a submission for the Moving Forwards topic. I think all our stories become that. There are only two choices for our No Kidding stories. We move forwards, or we stay stuck. And moving forwards, whilst it might be hard and painful at times, is ultimately so much more satisfying.

I look forward to seeing any pieces you might write on these topics. And if you are inspired, as I am now, maybe consider donating here (this is a link to WCW's page) to help Stephanie fund this free event, so she can do continue to bring inspiration to our community in the future.



  1. I learned so much by tuning in to some of last year's #worldchildnessweek events. The topics sound really helpful and informative.

  2. Thank you for the advance notice.

  3. I never got anything done for this year (as usual -- unless inspiration strikes sometime in the next 24 hours??)... but I will look forward to seeing what you submit, among all the other great stuff that WCW has to offer!

  4. Woo hoo! I meant to do more this year, but I did write the "Letter to My Younger Self" piece and submit it. I feel like I should always do more earlier because once August hits, it becomes a runaway train heading back to school and my time slips away. I love the topics this year and look forward to reading and enjoying all the perspectives! Thanks for the nudge to donate, too -- I will be sure to do that. Stephanie does an amazing job putting this on.