31 August, 2021

World Childless Week related thoughts

I spent the weekend writing a couple of posts for World Childless Week 2021 (13-19 September) and submitted them just before the deadline (and I have scheduled them for posting here too), so writing a decent Microblog Mondays post has been a bit much, and I apologies in advance. 

However, I did (and do) feel inspired by the World Childless Week topics, and may write one or two new pieces here too over the next few weeks. But of course in my last ten years of blogging I have covered all of these topics, sometimes many times. So today I’m just going to link to my library of previous writings, but encourage you to look at the topics (listed below) and think about writing your own pieces.

World Childless Week Topic:

Our Stories -This whole blog is my No Kidding story, but the key message here is that my story is more than my childlessness. Reading this in concert with A Separate Life gives a better picture, but it is still really only what I want to share, of course. I’ll post an update to my story in World Childless Week, but My Story and Who I am feature both the No Kidding aspects of my life, and my life in totality.

Childlessness and Sexual Intimacy – The one topic I’ve written little about, though I touched on it briefly in S*x and Infertility, and in Accepting My Body. I may write a new post on this soon, as it is an issue rarely covered, and I applaud Stephanie for including it in the WCW 21 topics.

Leaving a Legacy – As any regular reader knows, I’ve written about this quite a lot. I have a new post coming on it in WCW, so I will just reference If we are childless, what is our legacy?, and even Recipes as Legacy. And perhaps notably, in one of the Gifts of Infertility I referred to letting go of our legacy as a gift.

Men Matter Too – Of course they do, but they don’t often tell their stories. I’ve talked about this in What About the Men? and Men are from Mars…

Have You Considered Adoption? – I may also touch on this again soon, but in the meantime link back to Why We Didn’t Adopt, written way back in 2015, when a number of bloggers addressed the topic. Other posts mentioning adoption include Infertility’s Waiting Room, and Hear Me, That’s All I Ask.

We are Worthy – It’s always worth giving ourselves (and our friends) a reminder that though we might not have children, we are worthy. So I needed to read Who We See When We Look in the Mirror, and a previous WCW effort from 2018, We Are Worthy, for my own benefit too. I’ll have to think about whether I have anything new to add.

Moving Forwards – This entire topic is, as I wrote for last year’s WCW post, the topic of my No Kidding blog. It’s about how I moved forward, and what I needed to do to be able to do that, and what I keep doing to ensure that I am not stuck where I don’t want to be. It was the focus of the 2020 Healing Project series in which I wrote 20 posts about moving forwards. Ultimately, I think moving forwards is simply living.


  1. "Simply living", not magic. THANK YOU for being such a gift to us all.

  2. These topics really spoke to me too! It's such a crazy time of year with school starting, but I did write a piece on adoption for WCW. I wanted to do I've in Moving Forwards, but ran out of time. I look forward to your new posts and i remember a lot of the posts you linked to here, but will revisit. Infertility's Waiting Room is my all time favorite.

  3. Great minds, etc., lol -- once again, I didn't get my act together enough to write something to submit to WCW, but I thought I could do a daily post during WCW related to the theme and pointing people to my previous relevavnt posts (if any), and have begun working on some drafts & searching my archives. Loved seeing this great list of yours!