12 October, 2012

Busy busy busy

A brief post - feeling rather overwhelmed this month with a) aforementioned stupidity deciding to post every day on A Separate Life, b) visitors for several days, and c) getting ready for departure and a 3 am wake-up call tomorrow morning for the 6 am flight.

Had my four-year-old niece visiting earlier this week.  Oh yes, and her parents!  It was lovely to see them all.  We had child time - she crawled into bed with me in the mornings to play on the iPad - and adult time to celebrate my sisters' birthday.  Things I realised:
  • It doesn't matter that I don't have toys for her to play with.  Everyday stuff we have in our house that they don't is just as much fun.
  • Kids are loud, and ask hundreds of questions.  (I knew this.  It was just reinforced).
  • Children are exhausting.  My sister looked exhausted, and it was supposed to be a holiday.  (Though probably two late nights and lots of champagne and wine didn't help!)
  • The zoo is just as much fun for adults as kids.
  • My normal life - when I can do things outside of school holidays - is so much more relaxed!  Or at least, calm and peaceful!
  • They'll be back at Christmas.  Which will be fun.  I'll get to use my Christmas stockings.  But I need the intervening period to recover!


  1. I'm so glad you get to use your Christmas stockings, that will be fun!

  2. This one made me laugh out loud:

    Kids are loud, and ask hundreds of questions.

    When we lived with Ross' cousin for a month, the twin six year olds were VERY loud. It felt like all the time. I knew that but living with it was totally different some how. Eye opening.