04 October, 2012

October ...

Rather rashly, I have begun a project for October over on my other blog - A Separate Life.  This was my first post -

As a nod to my first blog, all of my posts this October will have 50 words:
50 words to express my frustrations,
50 words to rant or rave,
50 words to be grateful,
50 words to celebrate my friends, family and country,
50 words to say I love you.

 I encourage you to check it out.  There will be reminders about why I enjoy the No Kidding Life from time to time.  Including this one today.


  1. Looking forward to reading it, very interesting!

  2. Heh heh, I wondered why I suddenly had so many posts waiting for me in my Google Reader on your other blog! Now I know! ; ) (Off to read them...)

  3. I love ideas like this. I wondered the same as loribeth.