29 September, 2014

#MicroblogMondays: No Kids to Promote

One of the things I miss about not having children is not having activities to support, sports to watch and cheer from the sidelines, music lessons and practice to supervise. But on the plus side, I don’t have to hit up friends and relatives and neighbours for fund-raising for Plunket, for the schools or sports teams or overseas trips. I don’t have to sell raffle tickets or Girl Guide biscuits, or the fund-raising chocolates that seem these days to be ubiquitous in workplaces. I don't inundate my friends here or on Facebook with these fund-raising requests, or ball photos or bragging about sports teams or exam results or what they cooked me for breakfast on Mother's Day. I don't get to do any of that.

So when I saw that the daughter of a friend of mine was involved in a campaign, I decided I should support her. I’ve only ever used my blog one other time to try to garner support for someone doing something I believed in. So I’ll keep it short and sweet. But you can read more about Maddie and her campaign here.

Please indulge me just this once.


  1. Hi! Of course I clicked over. and clicked again, and ended up an her face*book page. Is there anything I can do if I don't have an account?

    1. I'm not actually sure, Valery. I'll check. And thanks for trying at least!

    2. She has an instagram page too - http://instagram.com/mwtogallipoli2015 But I don't have an instagram account! Clearly she should have set up a blog too!

  2. I'm following too - I hope she meets her goal!

  3. so true!! I got an email from a kiddo I used to coach, asking for a donation for his high school team and I was so happy to do it. I also really enjoy going to some of the kids running events now, because it isn't something I'm obligated to - just something I enjoy.