01 January, 2016

A New Year post

As it’s the first day of the New Year, I thought it might be timely to make some No Kidding resolutions. I don’t always make resolutions in a formal way, but I always – whether it is January 1st or the middle of July – have a list of things I want to do better. That is also the case when it comes to a) living my No Kidding life, and b) blogging about it.

Here is my list of No Kidding resolutions for 2016:
  1. Stop blaming my weight issues on emotional eating born out of my No Kidding life
  2. Continue to embrace the benefits of no kids
  3. Be honest about the tough times
  4. Talk more about what hurt, and what helped, what still hurts, and what always helps
  5. Continue to nurture my relationship with my nieces, old and young
  6. Stop using #MicroblogMondays as my only weekly blog topics
  7. Remember to cross-post to BlogHer (and learn more about how it works).
  8. Be grateful for those who read and comment, even if we disagree (maybe especially if we disagree).
  9. Be brave – when blogging, writing, and in life.
  10. Be kind.


  1. dear Mali,
    I love your New Year No kidding resolutions.
    I wish a very Happy New Year to you & your DH.
    lots of love from sLOVEnia,

    1. And to you and your DH too, lovely Klara!

  2. I’ve never really done resolutions – not since our biggest resolution failed so miserably.
    I’ve already moved on from no.1 on your list – now I’m blaming it on pre-menopause and middle age(hehe)! ;)

    I really like your list though – I’ll have to take it on board and start seriously trying to find the positives.
    Always wise words......thank you

    1. Well, yes, middle age and menopause definitely don't help either!

      Glad you liked the list. Have you read my Gifts of Infertility series?

      Thanks for reading. Best wishes for 2016.

    2. Mali, apologies on the late reply to your suggestion.
      I had intended to answer much earlier, but forgot all about it until I was cooking dinner tonight when all of a sudden I’m swearing at the pasta, and thinking, I don’t think I answered Mali’s reply....

      I have read some of your later “gifts series”. I’m slowly working my way through some of your older posts so I’m sure I’ll find the rest of them.
      It’s obvious I’ve still got to work on my mindset. I’ve always looked at things in a pretty positive light – with me the glass was always half full. However, that became harder after we stopped trying to get pregnant. And then that ‘blah’ attitude becomes the norm without even realising it. Maybe I’m too harsh in judging myself about what I don’t have instead of the opportunity I have afforded to me.
      I have bookmarked the ‘gifts’ I have found so I can go back and reread them again once I come across the others.
      Thanks again - K

  3. I love your list of resolutions! I think that putting this list out there is an incredibly brave thing to do. The way you live and write about your no kidding life has been so meaningful to me, a beacon of light in the darkest times.

    Wishing you a wonderful 2016

    1. That is such a lovely comment.Thank you so much!

      I hope you too have a wonderful 2016.

  4. A beautiful list of things to accomplish in the new year... I wish you a healthy, happy New Year full of new adventures.

  5. Number 9 is a goal for me too. We can work on it together.

    Wishing you a wonderful 2016

  6. Be careful. I might hold you to that!

    I hope 2016 is wonderful for you and your family, too.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks. How wonderful to see your name pop up again! Any blogging likely?

  8. My unsolicited two cents.....I think you do wonderfully already with a lot of the things on your list!! But hey, if you feel room for expansion....:-) Happy New Year, Mali.

  9. I love your list!
    Although I agree with Infertilityhonesty.com, you are many of these things already!
    Keep being wonderful you and reaching for more wonderful within yourself.

    1. I'm far from wonderful. But I'll try to find some of that within.

  10. Great resolutions! I need to work more on #9 too. It's nice to have company. ;)