04 January, 2016

My favourites of 2015

This time last year, I was reading Mel's last ever Creme de la Creme list, a list where bloggers nominated their favourite post of the year. This year, she invited people to comment here with their favourite post of the year. I encourage you to read the comments, and click over to some really moving and important posts.

A year ago, I posted about the process I took in choosing the one post I'd submit to the Creme list, listing the posts I'd considered to be my best. This year, even though there isn't an official Creme, I didn't go through such a detailed process. I chose the post that had the most views, and that was, perhaps, the most important of those I wrote last year.

Still, there were a number of other contenders. There were posts that had a lot of readers or comments, and there were a few that were personal favourites, posts that meant (and still mean) a lot to me. They're important to me, because I know what I went through before I could even begin to write that post. Or I know how important these aspects were to my long-term healing.

Here was my list of favourite posts for 2015:

Childlessness, pain and healing: the early days of life after infertility
A message to those who are hurting (themselves)
If we are childless, what is our legacy?
Imagine if ...
Quoting bravery
Ten examples showing why I believe infertility brings out the best in us
A healing quote
Gifts of Infertility #20 - Freedom
A snapshot in time
Gifts of Infertility #22 - Letting Go
No shortcuts to healing



  1. I love this list! So many of these posts have been so meaningful to me. You rock!

  2. Cool idea! I wasn't around last year for the last Creme de la Creme - I'm going to go check it out, then think about my favorites from last year. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Wonderful list of posts, I love the ones you chose, but "A Snapshot in Time" is my absolute favorite. Thank you for re-sharing these!

  4. I love that you still did this. As much as it's important to recognize great posts by other people, we also need to do it for ourselves. To point out what we wrote that we feel good about. And to look back at those posts when we're feeling stuck and remember how we CAN write.

  5. I've left this post marked "unread" & keep coming back to it, intending to do my own list. Although it's getting to be late January, already...! Still, it's a great idea! ;)