11 January, 2016

An introduction

I've talked often about the women I met on the ectopic website's messageboards, the women who helped me through my two ectopics, those who continued with me on the journey of not having children, and those amazing women who volunteered with me.

Recently, I flagged with some of these women the idea of them becoming involved in guest posts here, and within minutes had positive responses, and tears running down my face. Watch this space for posts, interviews, chats with some women who have been through a lot,  and come out on the other side. No Kidding in NZ wouldn't be what it is, might not even exist, if not for these women.

I've chatted with one of these wonderful women about blogging from time to time. She's got a great way with words, a wicked sense of humour, and real insight into other people. Well, this prompt motivated her, and she's just started her new blog, it's inconceivable.

Go visit and say hi!


  1. I always love learning about the strong women behind a strong woman! I can't wait to read the guest posts and interviews!

    I checked out your friend's blog and am looking forward to following her!

  2. Looking forward to these posts!

  3. Looking forward to meeting your friends, Mali! :) Off to check out the new blog...

  4. I will go say hello, but first wanted to tell you that I love that you've stayed in touch with these people for so many years.

  5. Visited and commented - it's so wonderful that you have such an amazing community of friends!

  6. Wonderful first post for your friend, and I agree that it's so wonderful to have this network of friends and support for so long. I look forward to the new introductions to come!