22 January, 2016

Right now ...

This time of year, Loribeth is the Queen of Memes. Her Year in Review is always interesting. I did it in 2013, but the last two years I’ve started to do it and stopped, because I sounded (and felt) way too negative. Yes, I’ve been in a bit of a end of year/New Year funk.

This one, though, was going to be easier to complete - so I’m unashamedly copying her, just because it’s a bit of fun, I feel much more positive now than I did a few weeks ago (even though nothing has materially changed). Also, it's an important reminder that we are so much more than our infertility.

Right now, I am …

Reading: Marlon James’ A Brief History of Seven Killings. It won the Man Booker Prize, and I’ve managed to borrow it from the library, but it is not a quick easy read, and so I’ve already had to return it and then borrow again. (An extension wasn’t possible). I’m hoping to finish it in the next couple of weeks, but won’t be surprised if it takes me longer. It is satisfying reading though, taking me to a completely different time and place.

Watching: I have just finished binge-watching the two series of Mozart in the Jungle, after seeing that it had been nominated for and won two awards in the Golden Globes. I am officially in love – with the series, the music, and with Gael Garcia Bernal. He’s brilliant, and his character … well … fabulous! (You can watch the first episode free on Amazon. Try it!)

Listening: As usual, I'm listening to RNZ National. I spent the first few weeks of January dipping in and out of the Matinee Idle guys, who are hilarious. Now it’s back to regular programming, and I’m being a bit more choosy.

Following: Many international friends on Fb, including one on his visit home to Thailand, and another who is sitting at the bedside of her dying father. I feel for her, knowing it may not be long till I will be doing something similar.

Drinking: Summer wines – rosés and sauvignon blancs. We don’t always drink these a lot during the winter, so I’m loving trying different brands. Two Rivers has produced some lovely wines this year (both rosé and sauvignon blanc), and the Tuki sav blanc has quickly become a favourite.

Eating: I'm loving the summer fruit – the berries (sadly, as they’re my favourites) are ending, but the stone fruit is all coming in now. And I'm also having my usual love affair with summer vegetables, especially all the fresh tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, but also the aubergines and zucchini and capsicums (sweet peppers). I tend to buy seasonally, so rarely buy these vegetables in the winter, even when they’re available.

Anticipating: Some not very good things. Trying to be prepared, yet trying not to stress either.

Contemplating: My motivations. How I want to spend the next ten-fifteen years of my life. You know, just the little questions in life!

Loving: The summer weather – not that it’s been a great summer at all, it hasn’t! Just the freedom that comes with slightly warmer temperatures, the way my shoulders relax and my head is held a little higher.


  1. Lucky you enjoying Summer! It's a freezing winter here at the moment!

  2. Can I come visit? It sounds wonderful where you are.

  3. I must give credit to Brooke of By the Brooke; I stole the "Right now..." meme from her. ;) It's fun to do once in awhile :) (especially when inspiration for other posts is lacking...!).

    Gael Garcia Bernal... yum! :) Unfortunately, the episode on Amazon is not available to Canadian viewers -- licensing agreements, etc. :p Boo, hiss...

    Enjoy your summer produce! There's been bad weather in California, where we get most of our veggies & fruit at this time of year, and the value of the Canadian dollar vs the U.S. dollar has plunged, so as a result, the cost of produce has been going up -- way up, in some cases. There were media reports this past week of cauliflower at $8 a head!! It was $3.99 at the supermarket here yesterday, which is higher than usual, albeit nowhere near $8 (yikes!).

    And (((hugs))) on the anticipating & contemplating.

  4. We are similarly positioned. I'm doing quite a bit of contemplating the next 10-15 years myself...particularly focused on the next 1-3 as I make some difficult work/job decisions. All the more reason to enjoy my hot cocoa and Bushmills by the fire on a stormy winter weather weekend.
    LOVED Mozart in the Jungle last year and just wrapped the 2nd season. Great to reacquaint myself with classical music. Hang in there with all big stuff and enjoy the sweetness of summer treats, wine and delicious escapes brought about by books, music and the like...