18 June, 2018

Kiwi baby mania - or not?

Warning: Pregnancy mentioned. (Not mine! lol)

Yesterday was the due date of Jacinda, our 37-year-old Prime Minister. She will be only the second* female head of government ever to give birth in office.The country is about to go baby mad – or are they? Maybe we’re more concerned about the man** she’s had to leave in charge as Acting Prime Minister whilst she is on maternity leave.

I have been very thankful that her pregnancy has not dominated news, as she herself has clamped down on hype and hyperbole around the pregnancy and impending birth. Thankfully, she has not been a smug pregnant woman, and has always carried herself with dignity and awareness. So I haven't been at all bothered by her news, and in fact, have been happy for her and her partner, ever since she announced that they had realised they would probably need "help" to conceive. I do however have no doubt that her pregnancy news has been triggering to many infertile and No Kidding women in New Zealand, and I feel for them in the inevitable onslaught - because there will be one.

* after Benazir Bhutto in 1990 
** her coalition partner, and not someone I have ever supported


  1. Admittedly I don't know much about NZ politics (while, generally speaking, I tend to be more aware of politics on a global scale, our shitshow of an administration is consuming all of my energy), but I really appreciate how she's handled her pregnancy. Not expecting special treatment or adulations. It's refreshing. I do, however, feel so bad for all the women that this will be hard for. Prince George baby mania was in full effect while I was battling infertility, and it was so hard.

  2. This topic was in a quiz I took recently. Imagine that. We had a senator give birth recently. That event was a first as I recall. The news was, for the most part, modest.

  3. I see the baby is safely here. :) Hopefully once the new mom is back at work & back to business as usual, the excitement will die down a bit. Congratulations to them, and to all NZ-ers! It IS pretty cool! (although it's sad that this is 2018 and still such a novelty...!)