03 September, 2018

I am childless; 100% Me

Okay, World Childless Week is coming up - 10-18 September - and I'm completely unprepared for it, and unfortunately, I'm unlikely to be able to do much for it given other commitments.

However, one thing that people are doing is to post an image on social media, either of themselves, or something that represents them. How cool would it be for the No Kidding amongst us to be visible for at least one week in the year?

The hashtag for this is #IAMME, as well as #Worldchildlessweek. The the ones I have seen so far also include a list of things we are, as well as the thing (No Kids. childless) we are not. It's hard narrowing it down, given that I once wrote a post of 100 things that emphasise who I am, rather than the things I am not. You don't have to show your face, and you can just write on a card or paper who you are.

This is mine, taken last year in Iceland: it is 100% me.


  1. Love this photo!

    And I’m excited to see this campaign. About time we recognize people from all walks of life.

  2. Great picture!
    I have several friends and acquaintances who are child free. I think of them often, especially when they post on FB. (Not bad or good, but rather that we are in different lives.)

  3. I love this! Great photo. I will participate for sure. So lovely to be visible, and to show all the things that are along with what's not.

  4. I love your picture and your list :)

  5. So good to see you looking strong and, yes, adventurous. I just put up my own post on this topic. As I've made clear in many previous blog posts, I'm conflicted with the term 'childless' ...more here: https://blog.silentsorority.com/childless/