05 November, 2018

Happy families?

Life has been pretty hectic here, and the last couple of weeks I've neglected both my No Kidding and A Separate Life blogs, even to the extent of missing Microblog Mondays, and so I apologise, and hope there are a few people who will stick around!

I did manage a quick post on my daily blog (under two months to go!) that is very relevant here. Last week we made the seven hour drive north to look after my niece for three days, when her parents were attending a conference on her health problems. As delightful as my niece is - and yes, she even admitted we spoil her! - her life is not at all easy. She complained, "I just want to be normal" - a complaint I am sure we can all relate to. Because of her cystic fibrosis, she can never be normal, and that also means that her parents' lives are far from easy as well.

I think that this is an important reminder. Not everyone is living the "happy families" dream.


  1. dear Mali, I didn't know your little niece has cystic fibrosis. I wish her all the best!

  2. A good reminder to never take anything for granted. We've been having a lot of conversations with our littles recently about how lucky we are in so many ways, and the importance of being thankful for the things we do have, because some people aren't quite as lucky.

  3. Cystic fibrosis is such a cruel disease. I'm so sorry your beloved niece is living with it. I can understand the wish to feel normal. One we anyone who has walked the path of infertility can relate to. Sending love to you and yours

  4. I am sorry your niece is living with CF, that is such a difficult thing for everyone, but especially her I imagine.
    And you are very right...even people who seem to have it all have some kind of struggle. What’s that saying? “Be kind, for everyone you meet is going through something you know nothing about” or something to that effect. It’s so true, and such a good reminder.
    Prayers for your niece and her family. So glad she had you there to spoil her while they were away. Very lucky little girl!

  5. I feel you on neglecting the blog spaces.

    Your sister is lucky to have someone like you to entrust the care of her daughter to, and your niece is extremely lucky to have an aunt like you to spoil the heck out of her!

  6. Dear Mali,
    I'm sorry to read that your niece has such a serious disease. I hope she and her family will find some "peace" with this situation and benefit from all possible help.
    You are right that it is not fair to idealize the life of parents. Still, I think that most no kidding women are very well aware of the fact that being a mother is a challenge and can be a source of fear and difficulties. At least it is what came to my mind when I tried to question my desire to have children. On the other hand, I wonder what is the proportion of parents who are able to imagine how devastating it can be to remain childless when it has been your dream?
    I am getting more grateful every day that infertility taught me to cherish what I have, rather than complaining about what I don't have :)
    Sending you and your niece lots of love,

  7. Everyone is carrying burdens we know nothing about, it seems, including seemingly "perfect" families. I know you've written about your niece before, & I agree with everyone else that she is lucky to have a doting auntie like you in her life! (P.S. Glad to see you posting again!)

  8. I am glad your niece has you in her life. I am sorry to hear of her health struggles and the heavy load that must cause in the hearts of her parents and all who love her. You are in my heart xxxx