28 March, 2022

Monday Miscellany: No Kidding style

I baked the bread, and it was easy and delicious. I have now got several new recipes I want to try. (There’s a Roquefort/blue cheese and walnut loaf that sounds to die for!)And thanks to Elaine for the (very logical) suggestion that I slice up the bread I haven’t eaten and freeze it. I’m going to do that in the future. If I make rolls or buns etc, I’ll give them to neighbours. Especially as Easter is coming up, and I want to try to make Hot Cross Buns again.

I became aware too late that this last weekend was the Day-that-shall-not-be-named in the UK. I hope my readers there passed the day peacefully, and took a little time for themselves, and to exercise some self-care. Sending hugs. I’m hoping by now you can recover and dismiss thoughts of the day for another year.

If you are on Facebook, the page for World Childless Week is reposting all the submissions from WCW last year. There is some wonderful thought-provoking material there that is, I have to say, much more digestible when it is drip fed to us at a slower pace. I'm enjoying reading individual's thoughts, and having more time to think about them. It’s well worth a look!

Speaking of Facebook, there is a (recently discovered) feature that allows you to stop notifications for particular dates – if there are dates/events/posts that are painful, or you’d prefer to forget, you can opt not to see these in your reminders. 

Finally, if you have followed my Insta page (@nokiddinginnz), you’ll know how completely slack I have been at posting links to my posts recently. Apologies - I’m planning to do better.




  1. The bread sounds delicious! I have been in a weird no-Facebook place, a bit of an isolated place, but I will hop back in for Works Childless Week posts for sure! I live that you can take tricky dates out. Brilliant.

  2. I need to stop reading your posts about baking while I'm waiting for dinner to cook, lol -- they're making me hungry!

    I love WCW, but yes, sometimes the volume of posts & webinars crammed into one week can be kind of overwhelming! Glad to see Steph (re)running them for us to rediscover.