11 September, 2023

World Childless Week and Our Stories: 2023

World Childless Week starts today, with a celebration of Our Stories. This entire blog is my story in much detail (!), I have a separate page with My Story in short, and I’ve repeated my story in so many guises over the last two decades and more, that I decided not to write a submission this year. It's all here for you already. There’s only so much repetition that people can cope with, after all!

Except to note that my story these days is of someone just living their life. Accepting what is, and what is not. Embracing the good things, remembering the losses, relishing the friendships and wisdom that have resulted, and starting to prepare for the future. Someone who is enough, just in themselves.

Head over to World Childless Week’s page and check out all the stories there.  It will help us all feel less alone, more understood, and comfortable in our skin. And in my view, childless or not, that’s a huge accomplishment for anyone.

There are different topics and events during the week. I'm not covering them all, either because they don't apply (eg I'm not a step-parent) or I don't want to (Letter to the Person who Hurt Me Most) as I outlined here, or because again, I think my entire blog covers the I am Worthy category (and I've written about it here.) There are a few topics I did decide to cover, and so I will be posting again on Thursday and Friday this week, and maybe even with a rare photo of me on Sunday for the #Iamme feature. Even though I'm a bit camera shy. Watch this space. 

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  1. This may not immediately appear victorious to a casual reader, but those in-the-know, it's a finish line like no other: "my story these days is of someone just living their life."