07 December, 2011

Honoured to be asked ...

I'm not sure why, but about a year or so ago, I started searching infertility blogs on the internet.  By this stage I had been blogging for a while, and although I'd talked about my infertility briefly, I really hadn't felt that it was the place to go into details.  I had earlier found great support on an internet forum, and have made some lifelong friends, but as they drifted off, became parents (through whatever means), it just didn't seem the place where I could talk about my thoughts any more.  And so it had been some years since I'd had an outlet for my thoughts on this most personal of subjects.  And I wondered what the on-line community was like.

So I googled.  One of the first sites I came to,  read, and liked, was Pamela's Silent Sorority/ A Fresh Start.  She'd written a book, and I downloaded it - one of the first ebooks I bought - and enjoyed it.  Here was an intelligent, articulate woman I could relate to, a woman who says it like it is, a woman who has inspired so many others going through infertility.  I found a woman about my age, who was also living a no-kidding lifestyle, and who understood the negatives and the positives of this choice.  I didn't feel quite so alone.

She inspired me to start reading more widely, ultimately to start blogging, and to "come out" more publicly too.  And now, she's asked me to write a guest post on A Fresh Start.  If you don't visit her blog regularly, you should.  And you especially should to read this post!

Thanks Pamela.  For everything.


  1. Thank you, Mali! I read somewhere that the only way to successfully work through grief and pain is to help others with theirs...

    Here's to new beginnings, my friend!

  2. I LOVE Pamela's blog (one of the reasons is because of a different ending it has compared to other blogs). It's also one of the first few blogs that I've read. I did join a couple of forums but I never feel quite at home in one of those forums.

    On to reading your post in Pamela's blog. :-D

  3. I just read your post on Pamela's blog!! I was so happy to see your words there!

    Congrats :) You have definitely helped me along my path.

  4. how exciting!!!

  5. Mali, reading your thoughts has always been very reassuring, making me see that it is all right to be childless in a mommy world... I am glad that you got an even bigger audience.

  6. It was great to read you on Pamela's blog! You are both wonderful writers. : )