30 November, 2016

Six years on ...

November has marked my six year blogoversary here at No Kidding in NZ. I’ve been blogging longer than that – tomorrow, I hit my ten year anniversary of blogging so will probably highlight that over at A Separate Life.

I know that I’ve been quieter this year, but I do still have some juicy topics I want to address, and over the summer, I intend getting back into writing more often and more thoughtfully than I have done recently.

Living a No Kidding life can be wonderful, but can also continue to have its challenges. I’ve just been on a holiday through the most beautiful parts of our country, and felt blissfully childfree. But then something happened in the weekend that made me suddenly feel very alone and very childless and pathetic. That has passed now, and I’ve seen it for what it was – a long overdue upset that was inevitable, given everything that has happened this year.

Since I started, I’ve published 457 posts. I was hoping to get to 500, but the lost mojo this year just didn’t allow me to get there.

I’ve been privileged to get to know so many of you, both through comments here and through your own blogs. I’ve had email conversations (agreements and disagreements) and have sought and when requested, given advice. I’ve been interviewed in a national magazine, featured on Huffington Post, received some really lovely comments and emails, and – just to keep my feet on the ground – have written posts that have just received crickets!

As a result of my blog, I’ve travelled to a new country (the beautiful Slovenia) to meet a fellow blogger (the lovely Klara and her husband), and count that as a highlight of my blogging career. I hope that meeting will just be the beginning of meetings with bloggers and readers in new or exotic lands, or maybe even here in New Zealand if you want to come and visit.

My life has been enriched by relationships with friends I’ve made here, though we've never met in person. And I thank you all.

Thank you!


  1. Happy blogoversary, and thank YOU for being here!! :)

  2. Happy Blogoversary! I am so glad to know you and soak up your perspective and wisdom. I look forward to all the posts to come!

  3. I would totally come to beautiful New Zealand to visit you :) Happy Blogoversary!

  4. Happy Blogoversary! I, for one, am so grateful for you and your blog. I have a couple of posts bookmarked that I go back to when I need those words. :)

  5. dear Mali,
    thank you for writing your blog, it meant the world to me. You see, you started to write your blog in the same year I started to think about quitting infertility treatments (I quit the treatments a year later). That was the darkest period of my life and I don't know how would I survive without the help of your blog.
    Thank you so much for writing kind words in your latest posts. It was so lovely to meet you. And I really hope that we do meet again. In New Zealand and in Slovenia again (we hope that we will have a guest room in 2 years).

  6. I want to thank YOU. You constantly make me see the world in a different way, and that's not just because you live upside down :-) (Though, to you, I am the only dangling from underneath the earth.) I'm glad you started this space.

  7. As I mentioned to Klara, life has been topsy turvy for me on multiple levels since Fall here (Spring for you) keeping me away from the blogosphere. Know that I am thinking about you and dreaming of the day I can get to New Zealand and one day finally sharing that glass of wine. xoxox