14 September, 2020

World Childless Week

Today World Childless Week begins. You can find more about it here, including the events being held around it. For weeks I've been planning to write posts on the daily themes for this year, because I'm always looking for new topics to write about. They are:

Monday 14th - Our Stories
Tuesday 15th - Diversity
Wednesday 16th - Ageing without Children
Thursday 17th - Men Matter Too
Friday 18th - Comments that Hurt
Saturday 19th - We are Worthy
Sunday 20th - Moving Forwards

However, as the Childless Week dawned this morning, I acknowledge that the truth is that I've already written about many of these topics, many times. They're all important topics. Topics that are real, that are ongoing issues for us all living our No Kidding lives.

When I started writing this this morning, I was planning a few days away with my husband, something we've been meaning to do for almost a year, but caring for my father-in-law and then COVID-19 means it has been put off on a regular basis. We're now able to move around the country, and we were looking forward to a short road trip to a sunny wine region. So I was planning just reposting on these topics. However, since then, we've had to cancel our plans, so I might have more time to write something new.  Today (in a separate post) I have updated My Story.

I applaud Stephanie Phillips, Founder of World Childless Week, for bringing the issues and joys of our minority to the world. And I applaud everyone who is writing this week, or speaking out on social media or via interviews, podcasts or videos, or who are joining the webinars. There's going to be a lot to read and absorb, and I'm looking forward to it. I'm sure you'll all find someone's words at #worldchildlessweek that you can relate to, that provide comfort or inspiration, or simply help you feel less alone. Because you're not alone. We're all here with you.



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