16 September, 2020

Ageing without Children: A Summary

The World Childless Week theme for today is Ageing without Children. More specifically, it is about planning for old age. I'm looking forward to watching/listening to the webinar here too.

I've written quite a bit about planning for old age. I'm working on another post for my Separate Life blog too, because I find people with children forget to plan too. They just have fewer repercussions for not planning.

Due to elderly in-law issues today, I'm not writing anything new here right now, except for this summary of the basic tenets of my thinking about this issue. I've added links to my previous writing on the topic.

Ageing without Children Photo Text:

  1. Find joy in my old age
  2. Make decisions before it is too late
  3. Wishful thinking is not a plan
  4. Build a community
  5. Maintain kindness and a positive attitude

Links to most of my previous posts on Ageing without Children:

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  1. Thank you for these posts and thoughts. It's one of those topics that we think about a lot, and that don't occur to our friends with kids or parents. My mom had been giving me all her childhood photos of me, which brings feelings up on many levels, but I was like... What happens to these? Who's going to care about them when I'm gone? Hard questions, and not even high stakes! So agree on building community. And careful planning. I think also building relationships with younger people who may visit you when you're older, ha. I worry about that one.

    Great resources, thank you!

    1. Yes, the whole "build a community" thing is easier said than done, and needs to include people of all ages. That's the bit I struggle with.

  2. Thank you for all your links. You think sensibly about all this and write effectively. IT is has gotten to feeling harder with the virus these days as the plan of community living ... sort of feels like volunteering for a petri dish of death where I am , but not so much in New Zealand. Makes it ffeel far more overwhelming all at once. THANK YOU for addressing this issue, it is certainly 'up' for lots of people now.
    Thank you always for writing. You make a positive difference in the world.

    1. You're right - community living in the time of COVID is tough. My father-in-law was in isolation at his rest home for the first two weeks, because he had transferred from hospital, and they were being careful. That was hard for him. Thanks for your very kind words.

  3. Excellent tips for everyone who is lucky enough to age.

    Abiding with you on your top-of-mind issues this week. xo

  4. Those are five very good points. I hope you got to see the webinar, as well as Jody Day's session with "Inspiring Childless Elders" -- that one in particular was fabulous!